Peace Love Glitter - Holographic Glitter


It all started one summer after Glastonbury Festival, when we noticed that the mud seemed to be missing something. The fields were feeling sorry for themselves. The parties were getting plain, and the only options for glitter came in tiny little bottles and claimed to be made from fairies!

From then on, we made it our mission to bring the magic back to the mud.

We have sourced the finest glitter from around the globe and made bold, experimental mixes that are a celebration of all things COLOUR. Using clever laser cut technology, our unique mixes have been lovingly blended using a range of different colours and sizes to create texture and 3D sparkle. We have a wide range of colours and our glitter ranges from fine to super chunky.

We are a very small but dedicated team of creatives and our aim is simple: we want to make people happy and we are on a mission to do just that, one beautiful, shiny, sparkly face at a time.

As part of our Peace Love Glitter fam we have an incredibly talented team of creative Make up Artists who are regularly creating looks using our products – designed to inspire! For your daily dose of glitter inspo check them out here…

Thanks for visiting us and we hope that you will join us in our reflective revolution.


Peace, Love and Glitter.
Peace Love Glitter - Chunky Festival Glitter